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Hello!  I’m Paul Ailstock, a residential mortgage lender in the Milwaukee area - serving the Wisconsin marketplace.  I assist my clients in the purchase AND/OR refinance of residential real estate for use as a primary residence, second home, and investment property.  As your real estate is likely your most significant investment; together, we will make certain that your financing is best meeting your finance needs.  Why work with an out of state lender that doesn't truly understand our Wisconsin market OR a larger lender that will pass your loan application to another party to complete.  To work with me, is to work with ME!  I am there for you at all steps along the way, as we will work closely together in completion of your desired financing.

As a mortgage broker, I maintain a network of lenders that affords my clientele access to the greatest range of loan programs and rates.  As a small business, I can provide such financing under the most competitive of pricing models with a highly personalized level of service. 

There is likely nothing more important to you than your home.  Where you live and where you may well be raising your family. Because of the importance of your home to you and your family and needing to be secure in your home's financing, that is why I am always available to my clients – open 24 hours!  Please don’t hesitate to call on me, as I stand ready to help!  

 Please call/text me today at 414-379-7171 OR email

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